Exercise: Muscle relaxation

Lie down comfortably.
Clench your right fist.
Tense the muscles in the right forearm.
Slowly count to 10.
Open your fist.
Relax the forearm.
What do you feel now?
Can you feel the difference between tension and relaxation?
Do the exercise again.
How does the forearm feel before the exercise?
How does the forearm feel after the exercise?

Now you can do the exercise with other parts of the body.

  • right hand and forearm
  • right upper arm
  • left hand and forearm
  • left upper arm
  • forehead
  • eyes and nose
  • lips and jaw
  • neck (front and back)
  • shoulders
  • belly
  • buttocks and pelvic floor
  • right thigh
  • right lower leg
  • right foot
  • left thigh
  • left lower leg
  • left foot

There is a video on YouTube for this exercise.

Here is the link: tiny.cc/muscle-relaxation