What is this website about?

This website is for women*.
who have experienced violence.
It may have happened a few months ago.
Or many years ago.
Bad experiences can even have consequences after a long time.
Suddenly women* feel bad.
Even though nothing happened at the time.
This book is intended to help women* to feel better in such moments.
This is why we have written down many exercises in this book.

Women* can use the book to put together their power backpack for emergencies.
This power backpack can accompany them in difficult moments.

All information and exercises
are also available in Austrian sign language.
For people with hearing impairments.

This book is not a substitute for counselling or therapy.
When women* have experienced violence,
it is very important that they get help.

For example:

  • You can call a free emergency number for women*.
    You can find a list of women’s helplines in 46 countries here: wave-network.org/list-of-helplines-in-46-countries/
  • You can look for a psychotherapist*.
    A psychotherapist* is a person
    with whom you can talk about your problems.
  • You can go to a women's counselling centre.

In all of these places, the people who work there know a lot about violence.
Together, we think about how women* can find their strength.

What does the asterisk * next to the words mean?

In the book you will find words
with an asterisk *.
For example, woman* or caregiver*.
The asterisk * shows that there is much more than woman and man.
And that there are many different ways of being a woman* or a man*.
The asterisk * stands for diversity.