Exercise: The container exercise

Sometimes the memories of bad experiences become too much.
Then it feels
like the bad memories are unbearable.
This is where the container exercise can help.
You can do the exercise alone,
or with assistance.
For example, you can ask someone to read the exercise to you.

There is also a video of the exercise.

This is the link: tiny.cc/container-exercise

Imagine a secure container.
For example a safe, a box, a strongbox or a bag.
Imagine the container in detail.
What colour is it?
What is it made of?
What’s its shape?
How tall is it?
Where is the container?
Is it underwater, on the ground, or underground?
Is the container in a house?
How can you close the container?
With a key, with a fingerprint or a password?
Or with a magic spell?

Now put everything that is too much for you in the container.
For example:
Memories, images, thoughts, feelings, sentences.
Think about this:
Did you put everything in?

Close the container.
Make sure it's locked up tight.
Put the container in a safe place.
In a place
it cannot leave.
And now you will also go far away from this place.